About 1701

1701 is the work of Nathan Spannaus, an expert in Islamic history and Muslim thought, and this blog is a collection of thoughts and reactions on events and trends current in the world right now from an educated perspective. Focusing mainly on the intersection of religion, politics, culture and history, 1701 features reflections on a wide variety of issues regarding  goings-on in the Middle East and the broader Islamic world, American policy and anything else noteworthy and remarkable.

Nathan Spannaus has a Ph.D from McGill University’s Institute of Islamic Studies and an MA in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Harvard University. He currently works at Princeton University. He has lived and studied in both Russia and Syria. His work has appeared in the International Journal of the Humanities and Ab Imperio, and he contributed to the Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States (2007). He has forthcoming articles in Islamic Law and Society and the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, as well as the Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology and the collection The Turks and Islam. He lives in New York City and loves the halal cart at 138 and Broadway.

All written content © Nathan Spannaus

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